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Rofoda is a Marketplace for you to easily integrate your catalog, manage orders, arrange shipment and provide customer care. Millions of our customers can’t wait to see what you have in store.

Low Fees

It doesn’t take much to list your items

Powerful Tools

Enjoy the unique advantage of partnering with Rofoda Market Place and step boldly with us into what comes next as we challenge and change the eCommerce business in Nigeria and Africa. The tool on the sellers dashboard are easy to use to make you store outstanding in reaching your targeted goal and enjoy feeling of customer feedback that will promote and grow your business

Support 24/7

We are committed to prompt and effective service that will help in resolving technical problems and answers your question 24/7

Register after studying our vendor guide

  • Register your business and create a product catalogue. Get free training on how to run your online business
  • Our Rofoda Advisors will help you at every step and fully assist you in taking your business online
  • Provide all the required Information
  • Take clear pictures of your product , write a detailed description and upload
  • Your product would be reviewed and approved within 24 hours

Receive orders and sell your product

  • Get orders notification immediately after product has been approved
  • Package and deliver product to customer using any of the available delivery method

Package and ship with ease


Get payments and grow your business


Affordable, transparent, and secure

list unlimited number of item for free

Listing Fee
Final Value Fee

Here's what you get for your fee:

  • A worldwide community of more than 160 million shoppers.
  • Shipping labels you can print at home, with big discounts on postage.
  • Seller protection and customer support to help you sell your stuff.
We process payments via bank transfer , Funds from sales on Rofoda will be deposited into your bank account.
Listing fees is free , we only take a final 3% commission for every product we sell for you !


Here are some common questions about selling on Rofoda

How do fee work on Rofoda

Registration and starting a shop as on Rofoda is free however there is a 3% commission once an item is sold in your store

What do I need to create a shop

The following are required before you can start creating your shop on Rofoda

1.       Sign up as vendor

2.       Set your shop location and name

3.       Design your dashboard

4.       Submit your banking information  where proceeds of your sales will be remitted.

5.       Upload Picture of your Items with detail descriptions that will help shoppers to locate your items

6.       Publish your Items for verification and approval, please note it takes between 4-24 hours before your product comes live  on Rofoda Market place

7.       You are responsible for whatever you posted on Rofoda Market Place

What do I need to create a shop ?

Proceeds from the sales of your items ,is remitted directly to your account after deduction of  3% commission.

You will be notified by  rofoda shipping tracker immediately your item delivers. Please note that “settlement is limited to account information provided only”

How do I know a shopper bought from my store

Once a shopper make payment in your store, an invoice is automatically generated to notify you about the transaction.


How do I initiate a tracking information?

Immediately you accept the invoice , a tracking number is generated that will notify the shopper that order is under  processing

Who handles my payment complaints?

Send email to

Do I need a credit card to create a shop?

No , a credit card or debit card is not required . All that is needed is your bank account details

Still have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

It's time to start making money.

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